It’s been an hell of adventure at school at the moment. Even tho all you learn is like hard to catch but still gives you clues to an new chapter or God knows of what oppertunities you can get.

In this blogg i just wanted to write about how my perspective in blogging is and how it can change somebody’es lives for just typing an kontext that already exist and somehow been red everywhere over and over again. its funny how different people are and what we all are capable to do in such digital situation.

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By that i could write about such as (comment bellow by any suggestions)

  • From very known digital brands from fashion, accessories and so on various products that will satisfy costumers.
  • Cheaper distribution and all kinds of products will get cheaper because of alot of competition around brands.
  • Good wills like products will be more eco friendly and the world will be known to re-use materials. Infinite power source will be made in the future, so we dont need to stress about our sustainable klima changes. 
  • People will be more in touch with each other and this will strenghten the human relationships around diffrent states and countries.
  • We will be more spesialized and well learned to take care of  the world and the futures next generation.
  • Communication will be more and more efficiant and more valueable and maybe less need in the future. 

At School we were learned to make our own E-commerce website, selling products from cheap droppshipping organisazations. that helped us to provide what product we could sell. It was kind’of wierd because to make all this from scratch was’nt easy. It was hard to find a bacground story for a spesific product.

By this we learned the good fundamentals to build an strong URL site that deffenetly bring the future brighter. Me as a student from a digital marketing class had so much experience with all kind of sources. From Ted-Talks videos to talk about different view about:

  • Strategy’s in different dimmensions 
  • How social media could bring us people tighter ( earned, owned, paid media)
  • From not being visable to be on top notch in search engines ( SEO & SEM)
  • Google analyctics, garage and different courses
  • Me as a person, seller, content builder, contribute to make an easier marketing adventure by using digital tools, analyses, reports, statistics and so on.

Why i chose to write english in this bloggpost is to show English is an universal langauge that everyone should master. Because it makes it easier to communicate with people and business outside of youre homecountry much easier.

by any chance you could step by my other post’s ive been making. I would gladly like you to comment bellow and give me some feedbacks about anything.

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